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2.1 Student Enrollment and Profile

2.1.1. Average Enrolment percentage (Average for last five years)

2.1.1 a List of admitted students year wise list of admitted students year wise

2.1.1 b GOs

2.1.2 Average percentage of seats filled against seats reserved for various categories

2.2 Catering to Student Diversity

2.2.1 Assessment and special Programmes for advanced learners and slow learners

2.2.2 Student - Full-time teacher ratio (Data for the latest completed academic year)

2.3 Teaching- Learning Process

2.3.1 Teaching Learning strategies

2.3.2 ICT enabled tools 

2.3.2 a. ICT enabled classes

2.3.2 b. Additional Information

2.3.3 Mentor Mentee Documents2.3.3 Mentor Mentee Documents

2.4 Teacher Profile and Quality

2.4.1 Year wise list of full time teachers

2.4.2 List of full time teachers with PhD
2.4.3 Teaching experience of full time teachers

2.5 Evaluation Process and Reforms

2.5.1 Mechanism of internal assessment

2.5.2 Mechanism to deal with internal examination related grievances 

2.6 Student Performance and Learning Outcomes

2.6.1 Programme and course outcomes

PO Bachelor of Commerce (HI)

PO Bachelor of Fine Arts (HI)

PO Bachelor of Science (HI) 


PO MSc Audiology

PO MSc Speech-Language Pathology


2.6.2 PO CO Mapping

2.6.3 Pass Percentage of students

2.7 Student Satisfaction Survey



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