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Bachelor of Occupational Therapy- Abbreviated as BOT
Duration of the Course: The course spans for 4 ½ years, the first four are academic years, followed by 6 months of internship
Goal:  to empower and train occupational therapists with knowledge and skills for performing appropriate and independent assessment, required for the analysis of a client’s occupational
performance limitations and plan appropriate interventions. Further, to provide basics of research knowledge and skills to gather and critically analyze the research to provide clinical services
based on evidence-based practice.
Objectives of Course
  1. Develop Professional Identity: Understand the role of OT in varied settings, and enabling occupation across the varied diagnoses and across age groups
  2. Clinical Competency: in the aspects of patient care, use of appropriate evidence-based assessments, planning interventions using evidence-based practice and reflexive practice,
  3. prioritizing safety, time management and decision-making and critically validating the methods of practice by undertaking research
  4. Demonstrate Professionalism: committed to ethical practice and high personal standards of behaviour
  5. Professional Competency: Improve on effective communicator (engaging in effective dialogue and written documentation) and collaborator (working in teams)
Learning Outcomes of the BOT Course
Upon completion of the Occupational Therapy program, students will demonstrate the following outcomes:
  1. Demonstrate and understand factors: anatomy, physiology, neuro-muscular mechanism, psychological, environmental, and mechanical factors that enable human movement to
  2. accomplish activities of daily living, work, play and leisure.
  3. Demonstrate and understand the use of arts and craft, as a therapeutic media
  4. Demonstrate a wide knowledge base and ability to apply occupational theory to the practice setting
  5. Identify physical, psychological, environmental and cultural factors that are facilitators or barriers for independence in participation in various occupations
  6. Demonstrate wide clinical skills for assessing and planning interventions for clients with  varied performance and participation problems resulting from developmental disabilities,
  7. neurological, orthopedical or mental health dysfunctions across age groups.
  8. Develop occupation-centred and client-centred intervention plans for clients in varied practice settings: physical rehabilitation, mental health and pediatric
  9. Use problem-solving and critical reasoning skills to plan and deliver evidence-based management programs.
  10. Monitor, review and reflect on the response of the clients to interventions
  11. Identify areas for continued professional development
  12. Demonstrate written and verbal communication to inform and promote professional practices.
Medium of Instruction: English is the preferred medium of communication, instructions and examinations.
Course Outline:
The BOT program is a four-year program with an additional six months of compulsory rotating internship 
The professional degree program consists of classroom lectures, practical and laboratory demonstrations, bedside clinics, self-directed academic activities and clinical postings.
The first year of the program combines studies in theoretical and practical occupational therapy with biological and behavioural sciences
In the second year, students develop this knowledge and apply theory to practical problems of occupational therapy.
In the third year students focus on occupational therapy techniques, with clinical practice in teaching units in hospitals and community health agencies
The final year extends the clinical experience and undertakes studies in statistics and research techniques


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