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NISH is in need of 25 Mbps (1:1) dedicated Internet access (Internet Leased Line) from reputed ISPs. Sealed Tenders are invited from reputed ISP for providing dedicated leased line as per the scope of work.

1. Scope of Work

NISH is planning to have 25 Mbps (1:1) Dedicated Internet Leased Line bandwidth to support Internet access for Video Conference and other General use as a backup.  The services shall be completely managed by the bidder and bidder has to ensure an uptime of 99.5%,  Bidders are requested to quote for the required items detailed in Annexure 1.

2. Functional Requirements:-

2.1. Cabling /Installation.

2.2. Activation and commissioning of Internet Services.

2.3. Installation of software/hardware for controlling the access and managing the bandwidth and installation of router/modem if any at customer premises.

2.4. Testing of services during installation.

2.5. Customer support including troubleshooting on-site during the service period.

3Value-Added Services to be specified:

3.1. No. of public IP provided for Internet leased line.

3.2. Response time should also be clearly indicated to resolve the problems along with the clear escalation matrix.

4. Tender Terms &Conditions:

4.1. The ISP should have Category ‘A’ ISP license from Govt. of India

4.2. ISP should be having their own last-mile connectivity.

4.3. Last-mile should be either on underground Fiber or RF (RF- only licensed spectrum to avoid any interference in future)

4.4. The ISP should be capable of providing both voice and data from their network

4.5. Network Availability: More than 99.50 % per month.

4.6. Latency: Less than 350 ms from ISP’s tier 1 peering point

4.7. Packet Losses: Less than 1 %

4.8. The services can be terminated at any point of time if service provider not able to maintain their Service Level Agreement or with frequent disconnection.

4.9. The bidders are requested to quote for dedicated 25 Mbps (1:1) for unlimited download and upload.

4.10. Price quoted should be firm & not interlinked to any variable factor & should include all taxes, duties etc. No contingency payments shall be allowed.

4.11. Bidders not complying with the tender conditions or not providing complete information as mentioned in the tender shall not be considered and hence out rightly rejected.

4.12. Tender fee and Earnest money: The Tenders shall be accompanied with Tender fee of ₹1000/-(Rupees one thousand only) including applicable taxes and Earnest money amounting to ₹5, 000/-(Rupees five thousand only) payable in favour of The Executive Director, NISH at Trivandrum as Demand Draft. The Earnest money shall be refunded to the unsuccessful tenderer after the work is finalized and awarded.

4.13. Concerned parties may send the tenders along with their profile. Tender documents duly filled up, signed and kept in a sealed cover and should be forwarded to the Executive Director, National Institute of Speech & Hearing, NISH Road, Sreekariyam P.O., Thiruvananthapuram 695 017 on or before 14:30 Hrs. 19/08/2019 (Date extended). On the top of the cover shall be superscripted with “Dedicated 25 Mbps Leased line (1:1) Internet connection” and tenders will be opened at 15:00 Hrs. on the same day.

4.14. NISH Authorities reserve the rights to accept or reject any tender or part thereof or all the tenders without assigning any reason thereof and also to change any clauses/items/condition in the tender document.  


Executive Director

Tender Inviting authority


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