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New initiatives and innovative thinking are markers of growth and development in any organization. Being a growing institution, NISH welcomes new initiatives and takes efforts to implement them within the framework of our goals and vision. These may involve technology implementation, adapting strategies or reviewing existing methods so that we meet the current needs. Some of the new initiatives being pursued currently are the following:

    • Innovative methods in the classrooms
    • Applying new technologies across campus for work efficiency
    • Student empowerment
    • Industry partnership

The ‘New Initiatives’ department has the following in focus:


Major initiatives

Remedial Program

NISH conducts degree programs  for students with hearing impairment. Since the language and mathematical skills of the students pursuing degree courses are at an unacceptable level, two preparatory semesters are included before the student is introduced to the core degree program.  A candidate should pass the Preparatory Semesters in a maximum of two successive attempts, failing which the candidate will be required to discontinue the course.To help such students who do not pass the Preparatory semesters in first attempt, NISH  conducts a remedial program. In this program, the students are divided into several groups with a maximum of 5 students per group. This helps the faculty to give special attention to individual students. However, if any student fails to secure pass mark in the second attempt, even after attending the special remedial coaching , he/she is compelled to discontinue the course.

For such students, a three month PC Software certificate level course is conducted.


Training & Industry Placement (TIP)

The Training & Industry Placement (TIP) Department came into existence in July 2014. The department coordinates tests, training, and campus interviews forming an interface with the industry helping students to build successful careers after education.  This will encompass all academic programs viz. BASLP, MASLP, Degree (HI) and DECSE(HI).  

The main objective of the TIP Department is to help final year students of Bachelors, Masters and Diploma students to get job placements at various organizations, clinics, hospitals etc. in India and abroad.   TIP department is also open to helping former graduates who need help in placement. All communications and/ job notifications addressed to and received by the Executive Director are reviewed and displayed on the notice board of TIP.

Training in different areas are arranged for the deaf and hard of hearing graduates. Volunteers and mentors from various organizations conduct mock interviews for the prospective candidates.


Volunteering and Internship Opportunity

NISH provides volunteering and internship opportunity for graduates and students from India or abroad. Volunteers are to fill up an application form and should have recommendations from two persons (preferably professors, employers or others who are closely involved). The volunteer application is available at the following link: http://nish.ac.in/others/downloads. The applications are reviewed and the applicant will be notified with two weeks.

Those who would like to apply for internship should apply through their institutions. There is an application form to be filled up to determine their suitability: http://nish.ac.in/others/downloads

The volunteers and interns will be placed in a department where they can be most productive and have a fruitful experience. The preference of the applicant will be given priority wherever possible. A supervisor will be assigned and a formal letter with the details will be issued as soon as the application is approved by the Executive Director.

Generally there is no restriction in time period for volunteer work as they can choose the time and period as per their convenience depending on the need of the department. Internship applications are generally considered for minimum of one month and may extend up to a semester.

Certificates are also issued following completion of the same.



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