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The AAC intervention unit was set up as a wing under the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (ASLP) at NISH in 2014. AAC is a set of tools and strategies that an individual uses to communicate when the natural form of speech is not available to them or available speech is of less use to them. It is used to either augment or alternate speech. AAC  can take many forms such as speech, a shared glance, text, gestures, facial expressions, touch, sign language, symbols, pictures, speech-generating devices.

Primary Focus of AAC Intervention Unit:

1. Develop communication and language skills in individuals (children and adult) with severe disabilities using various no-tech/ low tech/ high tech AAC systems

2. Support and enhance already existing communication skills in children/ adults with various disorders using various AAC systems

3. Develop literacy skills through AAC

Activities of AAC unit:

1. Assessment and Intervention using AAC

2. Develop an assessment and intervention protocol

3. Provide outreach services in terms of AAC awareness programs, camps at special school, telerehabilitation.

3.Conduct in- house AAC awareness and training programs for students and faculty.

4. Collaborate with CATI (Centre for Assistive Technology and Innovation) to provide best AAC-AT solutions and conduct researches.

List of AAC devices/ software available in the unit:

  1. Avaz app on iPad

  2. SuperTalker- progressive communicator

  3. Single message communicators- Big Mack, Talking Tiles, GoTalk one

  4. Boardmaker Speaking Dynamically Pro software

  5. Clevy Keyboard

  6. Big Trackball Switch

  7. Ergo touchpad

  8. Indian Picture Symbols for Communication (IPSC) 1.0


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  • Address: NISH, NISH Road, Sreekariyam P. O., Thiruvananthapuram 695 017
  • Site: www.nish.ac.in
  • Email : nishinfo@nish.ac.in
  • Phone: ++91-471- 2944666, 2596919, 2596920
  • Toll Free: 18004253323
  • Fax: ++91-471- 2944699
  • Office Timing: 08:30 A.M to 05:00 P.M on all working days. 

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