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Batch: 2012-15 Semester : S6
Sl.NoNameProject TopicGuided by
1 ABHILASH O T Hearing Care Solution Prasanth R L
2 ABY ELIAS Quadratic Equations Roshni V N
3 ABYSON ZACHARIAH  Mark list Generator  Neena M
4  ANISH PAUL  ISL Dictionary on Computer related terms  Raji N R
5  APARNA P  Online Shopping site  Parvathy Pavithran
6  ARUN MATHEW  Student management system  Neena M
7  BINOOP NATH  Reading Buddy  Neena M
8  JIBUMON P S  Word Puzzle  Swapna P
9  JISHA JOY  A parental awareness material  Swapna P
10  JISMON RAJU  Online Blood Bank  Raji N R

Teaching Learning material for Weekend

Program Students

 Raji N R
12  KEERTHI J VARMA  Reading Buddy  Neena M
13  LIJO REJI  Online Matrimonial Site  Parvathy Pavithran
14  LIYA JOHN  Online Matrimonial Site  Parvathy Pavithran
15  MERLIN VARGHESE  Animated Rhymes for Nursery Students  Swapna P

Simple animated stories for preschool


 Swapna P
17  MUHAMMED BHASHEER K T  MKT Builders  Prasanth R L
18  MUTH M AJITH  RMG  Roshni V N
19  NANDHU SASIDHARAN  Online Shopping Site  Parvathy Pavithran
20  NAZEEBA K  RMG  Roshni V N
21  PONNILALAN  Online Shopping Site  Parvathy Pavithran
22  RAKHI B R  The Shapes  Prasanth R L
23  REESHA P P  Teaching Learning Material  Prasanth R L
24  RINU JACOB  PSC Trainer  Prasanth R L
25  SALU BABU  RMG  Roshni V N
26  SANDEZ EDISON  E- Tourism  Roshni V N
27  SWETHA SASIDHARAN  Online Dictionary  Neena M


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