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List of Dissertations

SlNo  Title Name of the student Year  Guide  Co guide
1 Studying familial incidence of hearing loss by family
pedigree in children with congenital hearing loss
Abitha Sony  2008  N Somasundaram _
2 Metaphological skills of children with hearing impairment using
cohlear implants. 
Jeena Mary Joy  2008  N Somasundaram _
3 Performance of children with hearing impairment using cochlear
implants on malayalam language test. 
Manju S  2008  N Somasundaram _
4 Retrospective study of preautistic behaviors. Teena Alex  2008  N Somasundaram _
5 Study of social and emotional factors of adjustment in differently
schooled children with hearing impairment
Rezan K  2008  N Somasundaram _
6 Study of performance of English knowing Malayalam geriatric subjects
on MD Anderson dysphagia inventory. 
Vaheeda Bhanu PA  2008  N Somasundaram _
7 A comparatire study of DPOAE in neonates before and after
aminolycoside antisiotics.
Arya S S  2009 Vinitha Mary George  _
8 Emotional expressions of voice in professional and non professional users: a comparative study  Athira Krishnan V 2009 N Somasundaram _
9 Study of DPOAE and its contralateral suppression in painters exposed to organic so vents   Sreena EN  2009 Praveena Davis  _
10 Voice characterstics of adults with hearing impairment.  Jilsa Emilia James  2009 N Somasundaram _
11 Development of word lists in malayalam language for measuring
speech recognition threrhold 
George Abraham  2009 Saumya Sundaram  _
12 Phonological and articulatory errors in children with pre lingal and post lingual hearing impairment.  Jyothi KB  2009 N Somasundaram _
13 Pre post therapy changes in voice in patients with vocal nodule. Naja MH  2009 N Somasundaram _
14 DPOAE in parents of children with and without connexin 26 mutation :a comparative study Sreepriya KM 2009 Praveena Davis  _
15 A comparative study of the gerodyamic features in trained
professional and non professional voice uses. 
Sita S  2009 Vinitha Mary George  _
16 Malayalam language proficienecy in children studying in Malayalam
and English medium schools 
Vini N Vijay 2009 N Somasundaram _
17 Study of difference in bilingual exposure on Malayalam
 language proficiency 
Aida P Jacob  2010 N Somasundaram _
18 Minimal pair identification by children
 with pre lingual and post lingual hearing impairment 
Abhin Lazar  2010 Manju S  _
19 Development of Speech reception by picture identification Anija Anirudhan  2010 Saumya sundaram  _
20 Influence of stimulus variability on dichotic listening tests. Arathy J S  2010  Saumya sundaram  _
21 Efficacy of Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) intervention for children with cerebral palsy.  Tisha Soman Mathew  2010 Vinitha Mary George  _
22 Use of sensitivity prediction by acoustic reflex (spar) in predicting  hearing threshold.  Lekha AR  2010 N Somasundaram _
23 Assessing auditory perceptual ability in children using degraded speech  Renie philip  2010 Praveena Davis  _
24 A Comparative study of acoustic and aerodynamic features in teachers and non-teachers. Tintu Elsa Abraham  2010 Vinitha Mary George  _
25 Study of variables affecting speech recognition threshold using Malayalam word list  Praveen J 2010 Praveena Davis  _
26 A Study of metaphonological skills in monlingual and bilingual children. Teena Rajan  2010 Jeena Mary Joy  _
27 Quantification of variables affecting auditory late latency responses Akhila Aravind  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath Saumya Sundaram 
28 Assessment of auditory short term memory in normal school
going children across academic performance
Annamma Abraham  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath Vinitha Mary George 
29 Profile of play behaviour in children with autism spectrum disorders Anuja Sudheer  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath -
30 Acoustic characteristics of voice in adults with type-2  diabeters
Bhagya Shivkumar  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath Manju S 
31 Aerodynamic characteristic in indian wind instrument players
Lekshmi KS  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath Manju S 
32 Idiom comprehension in adolescents with hearing impairment Miriam Alexander  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath Jeena Mary Joy 
33 Patterns of reading comprehension in adolescents with hearing
Nayana PS  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath Praveena Davis 
34 Metaphonological skills in adolescents with hearing impairment  Remya Krishnan RV 2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath Jeena Mary Joy 
35 Patterns of lexico-semantic activation normal school going children
across academic performance
Sandeep Sunny  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath -
36 Normative measurements of acoustic reflex latencies across age
Shari S  2011 Dr Suja K Kunnath Praveena Davis 
37 A screening audiological profile of traffic police Abey K Alex 2012 Dr Suja K Kunnath Praveena Davis
38 Efficacy of malayalam aphab(abbreviated profile of hearing aid benefit adult hearing aid users Anil S 2012 Dr Suja K Kunnath Jeena Mary Joy 
39 GOSHChIP as a sensitive profile for guiding candidacy decision for cochlear implantion in Indian scenario Kimlin George 2012 Dr Suja K Kunnath Saumya Sundaram 
40 Characteristics of maternal speech addressed to young children with hearing impairment Lakshmi M Nair 2012 Dr Suja K Kunnath Vinitha Mary George 
41 Verbal and non-verbal learning in normal school going Lakshmi Philip 2012 Dr Suja K Kunnath _
42 Effect of unimodal and multimodal stimulation on listening and phonological development Remya Sam 2012 Dr Suja K Kunnath _
43 Effect of Hindusthani vocal training on voice measures  Sangeetha M  2012 Dr Suja K Kunnath Manju S 
44 Analysis vocal behaviors among primary school going  children Veena Mohan P 2012 Dr Suja K Kunnath Vinitha Mary George 
45 The effectiveness of vocal hygiene education on the voice of primary school teacher Angitha Nair S L  2013 Manju S  Dr Suja K Kunnath
46 Communicative profile of children with autism
spectrum disorder attending regular preschool 
Anjali Anand  2013 Dr Suja K Kunnath Lakhmi S Mohan
47 Development of a questionnaire for the profiling of quality of life in children with cochlear implants Anna Vinu Varghese 2013 Jeena Mary Joy  Dr Suja K Kunnath
48 Awareness among mothers of high risk infants on early auditory stimulation  Divya Paul  2013  Saumya Sundaram  Dr Suja K Kunnath
49 Phonological activation during reading among children with hearing impairment  Indulekha G 2013 Dr Suja K Kunnath Lakhmi S Mohan
50 Parental awareness and attitudes towards genetic
testing of hearing loss  
Nayana Prasad  2013 Praveena Davis  Dr Suja K Kunnath
51 Development of pressure articulation test in Malayalam Rasmiya A 2013 Vinitha Mary George  Dr Suja K Kunnath
52 DPOAE among pre-mature, pre-term and term infants Sara Kurian  2013 Saumya Sundaram  Dr Suja K Kunnath
53 Profiling of auditory skills in children with cochlear implants a cross sectional analysis Soumiya Salahudin  2013 Jeena Mary Joy  Dr Suja K Kunnath
54 Auditory risks in mobile phone users  Vany George  2013 Praveena Davis  Dr Suja K Kunnath
55 A manual on enhancing phonological activation for reading development Angie Alexander 2014 Dr Suja K Kunnath Sreebha Sredhar,
Lakshmi S Mohan
56 Parental expectations and experiences in children with hearing impairment
using cochlear implants 
Christina Rose George  2014 Jeena Mary Joy 
57 Pragmatic abilities of children with hearing impairment using cochlear
Deepthi Jose  2014 Jeena Mary Joy  S Sita
58 Investigation on prevalence and risk factors of voice disorders in school teacher Krishna MP 2014 Manju S  Swathi G
59 Adult stutterers' perspectives on effects of
stuttering and fluency therapy
Roshni Abraham 2014 Vinitha George  Anjana AV
60 Efficacy of parental training for enhancing auditory skills in children with hearing Sneha Philip  2014 Praveena Davis  Arya Chand
61 Classroom noise levels and teacher's vocal strain:  a correlative study Amritha K  2015 Praveena Davis  Sreebha Sreedhar,
Arya Chand
62 Development of a screening tool for voice
Amritha M L 2015 Manju S  Arya S S
63 Development of a predictive checklist for identifying red
flags of communication disorders in children
Annu Merin Jacob  2015 Dr Suja K Kunnath  Lakshmi S Mohan
64 Development of self perception test in Malayam for children and adolescents with stuttering  Devi S  2015 Vinitha Mary George  Nirmal Sugathan 
65 Audiological profile in type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  Elza Philip  2015 Saumya Sundaram  Sreena E N 
66 Bilingual oral language proficiency in children with hearing loss using cochlear implants  Emlynn Liz Chazhikat  2015 Jeena Mary Joy  S Sita 
67 CSOAE: as a predictor of individual susceptibility for  auditory threshold shift  Geethu K Sunny 2015 Saumya Sundaram  Sreena EN 
68 Development of self perception test in malayam for adults with stuttering  Jiby Mariam Babu 2015 Vinitha Mary George  Nirmal S Sugathan 
69 Adaptation of singing voice handicap index
 into Malayalam 
Neeba Annie Abraham 2015 Manju S  Arya S S
70 Awareness, attitude and experience of
school educators towards inclusive education of children with autism spectrum
Sajan Sam Varghese  2015 Dr Suja K Kunnath  Lakshmi S Mohan
71 Aided late latency response for assessing hearing aid benefits in adults  Rajesh Lal R 2015 Praveena Davis  Sreebha Sreedhar,
Arya Chand 
72 Awareness and experience of school educators in handling children with hearing impairment  Amala Maria Sunny 2016 Manju S  _
73 Factors influencing hearing aid use in elderly population  Aparna P 2016 "Praveena Davis,Sreebha Sreedhar"  _
74 A study on classroom functions of children with autism spectrum disorders  Aswathy P S 2016 "Dr. Suja K Kunnath ,Lakshmi S Mohan"  _
75 Development of manual on vocal care for Carnatic singers in Malayalam  Ardra S Krishna 2016 Manju S  _
76 Awareness on disability among personnel serving welfare institutions for persons with disabilities (PwD's) running under Government of Kerala  Monisha M 2016 Dr. Suja K Kunnath ,Lakshmi S Mohan  _
77 Challenges faced by students with hearing impairmentin integrated school setting  Lamees Akbar 2016 Jeena Mary Joy, S. Sita  _
78 An insight into theory of mind(ToM) of children with cochlear implants  Lois Thampy 2016 Jeena Mary Joy, S. Sita  _
79 Factors affecting amplification usage in young adults with congenital serve to profound hearing loss  Rekha G M 2016 Praveena Davis,Sreebha Sreedhar  _
80 Questionnaire assessing knowledge, attitude and audiological symptoms among handloom mill workers regarding occupational noise induced hearing loss  Jimi Jose 2016 Saumya Sundaram, Sreena E N  _
81 Parental awareness and attitude towards stuttering  Sruthy Sankar 2016 Saumya Sundaram, Nirmal Sugathan  _
82 Awareness on noise induced hearing loss and hearing conservation program among mechanical engineering students  Aleena J. B 2017 Praveena Davis  Arya Chand 
83 Academic outcomes of children using cochlear implants in mainstream schools  Anju George 2017 Jeena Mary Joy  Sita S 
84 Congenital severe to profound hearing impairment, A centre based study on factors influencing age of diagnosis and intervention  Anju Mariam John 2017 Praveena Davis  Arya Chand 
85 Articulatory behaviors in young children with stuttering  Anupama P.S 2017 Sreena E. N.  Sangeeetha G.S. 
86 Parental awareness and attitude towards specific learning disability  Aswathy S 2017 Dr. Suja K Kunnath  Lakshmi S Mohan 
87 Social competence and self – regulation in school going childrenwith autism spectrum disorder  Betsy S Mathew 2017 Dr. Suja K Kunnath  Lakshmi S Mohan 
88 Self perception and others perception on participation limitation in various speaking situation in adults with stuttering  Chinju M.P 2017 Saumya Sundaram  _
89 Functional outcomes of children with complex needs using cochlear implants  Lekshmi V 2017 Jeena Mary Joy  Sita.S 
90 Changes in voice parameters of Speech language pathology students after speech therapy services: A pre post comparative study  Sreelakshmi M.R 2017 Manju. S.  Vineetha Sara Philip 

Project Reports

SlNo   Name of the student Title Year Guide
1 Anup Eipe  NISH Alumni 2011 Roshni VN
2 Ambili MR Online functional English 2011 Parvathy Pavithran 
3 Aswathy Krishna  Website Cabin Suitcase  2011 Prasanth RL
4 Biji C Chandy  Interactive CD for learning shapes  2011 Prasanth RL
5 Biju AS Despatch  2011 Sreevisakh P 
6 Jasar V  Student management system  2011 Raji NR 
7 Jebu Cherian Varghese Dictionary 2011 Sreevisakh P 
8 Jeevana BS  Interactive CD for learning household items  2011 Prasanth RL
9 Jessy B Michael  NISH appointment register  2011 Neena M
10 Jijo Kuriakose  Online blood bank  2011 Raji NR 
11 Jismi George  Website for bathroom fittings  2011 Prasanth RL
12 Kannan TR NISH Payroll 2011 Neena M
13 Krishna Dileep Singh Online quiz 2011 Parvathy Pavithran 
14 Lijo Joseph  Measurement book  2011 Shaji SV
15 Monisha MV Website for good house furniture  2011 Prasanth RL
16 Nisha P Online dictionary for the deaf and hard of hearing  2011 Roshni VN
17 Ramees Khan M  NISH employee register  2011 Neena M
18 Ritto PD  Online artsale  2011 Shirly G
19 Sarath S  Website for interiors construction company Pvt Ltd 2011 Prasanth RL
20 Shameer M  Website for Hima Body Care Pvt Ltd  2011 Prasanth RL
21 Shebin YF Online Kerala Matrimony for persons with disability  2011 Parvathy Pavithran 
22 Shiji SS Interactive CD for learning English Alphabets  2011 Prasanth RL
23 Vimal kumar P  Equipment management system 2011 Raji NR 
24 Vineeth V  Society for the hard of hearing Billing Software  2011 Roshni VN
25 Vinod Kumar KP Website for Car world  2011 Prasanth RL
26 Arun M I Training in English skills  2012 Raji NR 
27 Ammu Ajith M Online Book Shop  2012 Parvathy Pavithran 
28 Aleenamol Joseph  Website for NISH art gallery  2012 Prasanth RL
29 Ashkar Ali T Hospital management system  2012 Neena M
30 Amritha V S  Library Management System  2012 Parvathy Pavithran 
31 Anuja Viji S  The kid's site  2012 Prasanth RL
32 Abdul Riyas B M Canteen billing software  2012 Neena M
33 Bipin Babu Mark Management System  2012 Parvathy Pavithran 
34 Irshad P K  Case Register Module-l  2012 Roshni VN
35 Jugunu Thomas  Online art gallery  2012 Shaji SV
36 Kiran M Directory for physically challenged  2012 Raji NR 
37 Mohanmmed Refeekh K K Computer shop mangagement system  2012 Shaji SV
38 Nowfal M Website for Sun homes Construction Company  2012 Prasanth RL
39 Rikzan Ahammed K  Indian Sign Language  2012 Prasanth RL
40 Raji R Pharmany Management System  2012 Shaji SV
41 Rafeek Basheer P  Student Mangement System  2012 Parvathy Pavithran 
42 Rajesh K K NISH Abode of Happiness 2012 Prasanth RL
43 Rohini V Online movie reservation  2012 Raji NR 
44 Sheena Sarangom B Online dictionary for the deaf and hard of hearing  2012 Roshni VN
45 Saran S Leave Register System  2012 Shaji SV
46 Shahida S Interactive CD for zoological animals (Zoo)  2012 Prasanth RL
47 Sarah Balu  NISH Preschool register  2012 Neena M
48 Sreejith H Student portal  2012 Neena M
49 Sarun Simon  Case Register Module-2  2012 Roshni VN
50 Saneesh Stanly  Nalukettu  2012 Prasanth RL
51 Sudheena A P  Hearing aids care and maintenance  2012 Prasanth RL
52 Treesa Tincy K T The Chair Site  2012 Prasanth RL
53 Vishnulal S Dumpy the frog 2012 Prasanth RL
54 Vishnu S Question Paper Generator  2012 Raji NR 
55 Vipin Varghese  Website for KSCB 2012 Roshni VN
56 Anil Mathew  Online cricket ticket reservation  2013 Roshni VN
57 Archana T S  Kerala greetings  2013 Swapna P 
58 Ansal A K Online banking  2013 Parvathy Pavithran 
59 Ahammed Saheen  Sales management system  2013 Shaji S V
60 Dhanya V Online shopping  2013 Roshni VN
61 Glady Anu Raju  Online English Grammar  2013 Parvathy Pavithran 
62 Jibin Kuriakose  Online certificates  2013 Raji NR 
63 Kannan RS Online banking  2013 Parvathy Pavithran 
64 Mahesh K S  Heavenly home  2013 Prasanth RL
65 Nimmi Chacko  Online Library  2013 Raji NR 
66 Neethumol Thomas  TLM for mentally challenged children  2013 Swapna P 
67 Neethu M S   COHORT-Social network  2013 Neena M
68 Parvathy T R Online assessment for B.Sc(Computer Science) (HI) 2013 Raji NR 
69 Parvathy Chandra K Job portal  2013 Raji NR 
70 Praveen Menachery  Real estate  2013 Neena M
71 Rose Mary Roy  Online dress shop  2013 Swapna p 
72 Ragesh R K Luttappi  2013 Prasanth RL
73 Roopesh C  COHORT-Social network  2013 neena M
74 Raji K N My home  2013 Prasanth RL
75 Shinchu Soman  E-Cards  2013 Roshni VN
76 Shijila P Website for "budding artist of NISH" 2013 Swapna p 
77 Sreejith S P  Online hotel reservation  2013 Roshni VN
78 Suji P P Green builders  2013 Prasanth RL
79 Sreekumar S E-Voting  2013 Roshni VN
80 Sudeesh P K  Architectural walkthrough of NISH 2013 Prasanth RL
81 Sijo Sajan  Online movie ticket booking management system  2013 Shaji SV
82 Soja Iype K Online mobile sales management system  2013 Shaji SV
83 Sanu Chukkiri P COHORT-Social network  2013 Neena M
84 Vineeth R COHORT-Social network  2013 Neena M
85 Vimal Surendran K Online banking  2013 Parvathy Pavithran 
86 Appu C  Blood Bank of Kerala 2014 Neena M
87 Anjaly KS Online Supermarket  2014 Raji NR 
88 Aparna S  Library Management System  2014 Aparna S
89 Aneesh Kukku K, Bhargav Dutta Online CATLM 2014 Parvathy Pavithran 
90 Abey James  Online Admission System 2014 Roshni VN
91 Anoop S  Picture Dictionary 2014 Raji NR 
92 Azad S  Magic Kids  2014 Parvathy Pavithran 
93 Balu Gopakumar, Rajesh Kannan K, Theertha Nirmal Performance Management System 2014 Neena M
94 Ganga M  Online Ornaments Store 2014 Neena M
95 Jishad Bhasheerudhin  Animated Stories  2014 Roshni VN
96 Jinimol Joseph Online movie reservation  2014 Roshni VN
97 Jini Joseph Online hospital management System 2014 Roshni VN
98 Muhammed Shameem P Online Sign Language Dictonary  2014 Raji NR 
99 Neethu KV Kerala Tourism  2014 Parvathy Pavithran 
100 Preema Antony  India in Tourism 2014 Neena M
101 Rejin Mohan M  E-College Magazine  2014 Raji NR 
102 Rejitha  Teaching Learning Material for Kids 2014 Roshni VN
103 Sukanya KS  Teaching Learning Material for Preschool children 2014 Parvathy Pavithran 
104 Sajesh S Issac Online Tutorlal of SDLC 2014 Roshni VN
105 Stuby Mol Joy  Functioning of a Bank 2014 Neena M
106 Sajeesh O  Online Mobile Shopping  2014 Parvathy Pavithran 
107 Thanzeel MS Website of BS Furniture  2014 Raji NR 
108 Visruth K  Online Gas Booking  2014 Raji NR 
109 Vysakh Anand  Moral Stories for children 2014 Parvathy Pavithran 
110 Vijesh Babu E  Website of vixen 2014 Roshni VN
111 Abhilash O T  Hearing care solutions  2015 Parvathy Pavithran
112 Aby Elias  Quadratic equations  2015 Roshni V N
113 Abyson Zachariah  Marklist generator  2015 Neena M 
114  Anish Paul Indian sign language dictionary for
 computer related technical terms 
2015 Raji N R
115 Aparna P,
Nandhu Sasidharan,
Ponni Lalan S
Shopping mania.com 2015 Parvathy Pavithran
116 Arun M athew  Student management system  2015 Neena M 
117 Keerthi J Varma,
Binoop nath S
Reading buddy  2015 Neena M 
118 Jibu mon P S  Word puzzle  2015 Roshni V N
119 Jisha Joy Checklist for autism in toddlers  2015 Parvathy Pavithran
120 Jismon Raju Blood donors website  2015 Raji N R
121 Jiya dayi  Improve your reading skills  2015 Raji N R
122 Lijo Reji, Liya John Kalyanam4you.com 2015 Parvathy Pavithran
123 Merlin varghese  Animated rhymes for nursery students  2015 Neena M, Swapna P 
124 Mini mol T  Simple animated stories for preschool  2015 Raji N R
125 Muhammed Basheer KT Website BKT builders  2015 Raji N R
126 Muth M Ajith, Nazeeba K,
 Salu Babu
Resource management group  2015 Roshni V N
127 Rakhi BR  The shapes  2015 Prasanth RL
128 Reesha PP Teaching learning material for teaching
english grammar 
2015 Raji N R
129 Rinu jacob PSC Trainer  2015 Neena M, Prasanth RL
130 Sandez Edison  E-Tourism  2015 Roshni V N
131 Swetha Sasidharan  Online dictionary  2015 Neena M
132 Anoop K A  Employee management system  2017 Neena M
133 Manu C P  Angel Library management system  2017 Parvathy Pavithran
134 Rejish Jacob Samuel  SMILES-Social networking site  2017 Neena M
135 Sajeer K P  Online Trivandrum movie ticket reservation  2017 Parvathy Pavithran
136 Swanjil Thomas  Student management system  2017 Raji N R


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