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What makes NISH a unique HEI 

NISH, a pioneering institution in Kerala and India, offers higher education to both DHH and hearing students on the same campus, prioritizing inclusiveness as a core value. Central goal of the institute is the betterment of the Divyangjan and their integration into society, empowering them to achieve their full potential to be successful. NISH has also been dedicated to the rehabilitation of individuals with various disabilities as well as growing its research in the field of communication impairments. In light of emerging unstable situations and the need for an ideal inclusive setup in the society, NISH made initiatives for the empowerment of PWDs in the society that would serve as a model for other societies. Student-centered and community-centered initiatives empower PWDs and gain their support in moving in the right direction and thereby bringing about a social change and a change in the outlook toward disability. The underlying principles are informed engagement in social change, equity, rightful empowerment, and respect for diversity.

 As an HEI, NISH offers 2 diploma programs affiliated with the Rehabilitation Council of India. The first program intends to train and equip teachers to effectively manage and impart education to HI children in their early childhood, while the second aims to train and equip professional sign language interpreters for the benefit of DHH people. NISH offers undergraduate programs for both hearing and DHH students. NISH is the pioneer institute in India offering Undergraduate degrees exclusively for DHH. The programs are 1) Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (HI), 2) Bachelor's Degree in Commerce (HI) 3) Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts (HI). Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs for hearing students are affiliated with KUHS and RCI. They are 1) Bachelor's Degree in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (BASLP), Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy. Nish also offers Post Graduation programs in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. Students from India and abroad enroll in these programs under the umbrella of NISH. Thus campus is diverse, with inclusiveness as its primary objective; providing a rich and diverse academic environment with differences in gender, race, ethnicity, culture, language, religion, and socioeconomic status. The institution provides unfailing support for the organization of integrated programs that involve both groups. Various measures are also taken to guarantee maximum inclusion in any program. To mention a few, Sign language interpretation, Real-Time Transcription Service, Auditoriums/halls equipped with TV screens in support of the Deaf, Ramps, tactile floor tiles, signage, Assistive Technology lending library for PwDs to borrow and try out devices to improve their functional capabilities, disabled-friendly campus along with maximum DeafSpace etc. 

 NISH disseminates programs and practices that provide students as well as the local community with an opportunity to become educated on various disabilities, their needs, their strengths and talents, and the various aspects related to educational and rehabilitation purposes. 

Following are some highlights of the services NISH provides which make it unique:

  • 24x7 Helpline Service

  • Daily ISL News on YouTube 

  • Study abroad program with Purdue University and Salus University 

  • Tele-assessment and Telerehabilitation Services 

  • Online Counselling Services

  • ISL Repository 

  • Audio-Visual Studio 

  • Monsoon Alert Videos in ISL

  • NISH Online Interactive Disability Awareness Seminar (NIDAS)

  •  NISH Innovative model Inspirational Speeches (NIMIS)

  • Innovation by Youth with Disabilities (I-YwD) 

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEDC) 

  • ADIP Scheme

  • Camps for Speech and Language Evaluation and Audiology Screening: 

  • NISH Pace Setter Programme


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Connect with us

  • Address: NISH, NISH Road, Sreekariyam P. O., Thiruvananthapuram 695 017
  • Site: www.nish.ac.inISO-logo
  • Email : nishinfo@nish.ac.in
  • Phone: ++91-471- 2944666, 2596919, 2596920
  • Toll Free: 18004253323
  • Fax: ++91-471- 2944699

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