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  1. The suitability of educational materials and tools used for English language acquisition for the deaf: An Analysis and Evaluation;approved by the State Commissionerate for Persons with Disabilities, Investigators:  Raji Gopal, Chithra Prasad A.N.  
  2. Multilingual behaviours in sign language users; A research team at International Institute for Sign Langauge and Deaf Studies, University of Central Lancashire, UK and NISH staff are involved in this project : Dr.Samuel Mathew, Anne Varghese,  Raji Gopal and Silvy Maxi Mena.
  3. Computer Aided Teaching Learning Material for HI  and Hard of Hearing Students in Higher Education - State Commissionerate for Persons with Disabilities (Till March 31; 2014) Investigators : Shirly G., Shaji S. V.
  4. The Effect of Software Visualization for Teaching Computer Science among Deaf Students: An intervention study - CENTRE FOR DISABILITY STUDIES Investigators : Shirly G., Shaji S. V.
  5. A pragmatic study on effectiveness of ISL to be used  as a method for teaching children with Hearing Disability (Till December 2015)  - State Commissionerate for Persons with Disabilities. Investigators : Parvathy Pavithran, Raji Gopal , Roshni V.N
  6. CATLM for Early Intervention Programme(HI) - CENTRE FOR DISABILITY STUDIES Student Investigators : Bhargav Dutta, Aneesh Kukku  Guided by: Parvathy Pavithran
  7. Reader Buddy : Software CD to improve reading fluency in Deaf Students funded by Centre for Disabilty Studies Student Investigators :led by Binoop nath and Keerthi Varma, Semester 6, BSc(CS)(HI),Guided by Neena M.
  8. Indian Sign Language Dictionary on Computer Related Terms funded by Centre for Disabilty Studies Student Investigators : led by  Anish Paul, Semester 6,BSc(CS)(HI),Guided by Raji N. R.
  9.  Teaching Programming languages to the deaf using visual representation of memory concepts Funded by: Social Justice Department  Principal Investigator:  Dr AchuthSankar S. Nair, Head,  Dept. of Computational Biology and  Bioinformatics & Director, Centre for International Academics, University of Kerala, Trivandrum Co-Investigators:    Raji N. R. and Neena M.


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