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The weekend program is an extension of the preschool program conducted on all working Saturdays. The program gives additional support to integrated students.  Applications are invited in the month of May. Courses are conducted from June to March, every academic year. Children studying in classes up to 5th standard are eligible for admission.

The weekend program focuses on English language training in addition to mother tongue. Children learn language by seeing, doing and listening through a directed activity which is a part of every session. These language classes also enhance the reading and writing skills of children.

Special classes in computer, painting and drawing are offered as per the interest of the children.


  • Correspondence Education is a helping hand from NISH to those families, who could not enrol their children facing difficulty in hearing for the Early Intervention Program. NISH conduct this course completely free of cost. The course is offered in Malayalam.
  • Parents of children below 6 years of age are admitted to the program.
  • The lessons are sent by post to the applicants one by one. All doubts and clarifications are answered promptly through mails.
  • Contact classes are conducted twice a year either at NISH or at schools from which more than 20 parents have registered.


  • NISH always extends its helping hands to those in need. Outreach program is one such initiative. Children 3 to 4 years of age, who are unable to attend the Early Intervention Program on a regular basis, are enrolled in the outreach program.  
  • School going hard of hearing children below 10 years of age, who were not intervened before 3 years, are also admitted to the outreach program. These children along with their caregiver attend the sessions. Parents are given proper guidance at the sessions itself. The sessions mainly focus on giving additional support in developing receptive and expressive language skills, as well as reading and writing skills.
  • The classes are conducted on Saturdays from June to March every academic year.
  • Apart from the language training basic knowledge in computer skills and arts are being given according to the interest of the children.


The summer program of NISH is conducted for one month from mid April to mid May. Most of the participants will be integrated students of NISH. Children who were not part of the early intervention programme also participate. Children up to 12 years of age are eligible for admission. Applications are invited in the month of February.

Apart from language training, NISH provides special learning programs such as, computer training, art, tour, camp etc which varies from year to year.


The Fine arts department of NISH empowers the talents of children in sculpture, drawing and painting. At the end of the program every year an exhibition of the participants' creativity will be displayed at the institute.

Computer training

The technology division of NISH has 3 fully equipped computer laboratories. These are used for computer-aided teaching as well as for familiarising the children with the application of computers.


During every summer program, the teachers take the children on a trip, to spend a full day outdoors in a different ambience.


Specialists in medical field conduct camps at NISH during the summer program. Parents are also actively involved in such camps.



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