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Hearing Impairment is a disability that cannot be cured. But we can overcome this disability through sincere training and practice. But for such training, we need assistance and guidance from experts. A hearing-impaired child studying in NISH, preschool may receive directions from the school itself. They will also get the perfect guidance from the experiential knowledge of their predecessors who have trodden the same path in their life.

The Early Intervention Centre of NISH has started such a programme named 'Parent Support Group'. Some of the parents who have sincerely guided and helped their hearing-impaired children to overcome the barriers of language acquisition are coming forward to guide their successors.

You can have a discussion with them anytime, share your sorrows, ask for directions or your doubts.

They are there to support you, to understand you...


Parent Support Group


Structured and timely empowerment programme for parents of persons with disabilities (STEPP)

Parents play a vital role in the early habilitation/rehabilitation process. They need to be in the right frame of mind and be empowered to actively get involved in the rehabilitation process. A higher level of parental stress gives less positive outcome from early intervention programmes for children with disabilities, whereas early intervention for children with disabilities are more successful when family problems, parental stress included,  are addressed before intervention programmes begin. 


STEPP was originated in July 2015, with the financial assistance of SID (State initiatives of Disabilities). We are striving to achieve positive transformations in the perception of parents of children with disabilities by providing timely support when their child is identified with the disability and also acting as a catalyst to empower them to become the best resource person for their children. 

Project Activities

    • Induction programmes

    • Stress reduction programmes

    • Counselling intervention services

    • Webinar series

    • Awareness sessions and enrichment classes

    • Parent support groups

    • Tele counselling

 Awareness Materials prepared by STEPP




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