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The Department of Psychology offers services for those in need of professional psychological help to clients with speech and hearing difficulties, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and other multiple disabilities. Scientific assessment involves the application of standardized tools, and the interventional programs are tailored to the needs of clients and their families. The psychology department pursues an eclectic approach. The unit provides services in a range of areas which are:

  1. Diagnostic Services
  2. Management & Therapeutic Services
  3. Academics
  4. Research
  5. Collaborative Projects with national and international institutions


Since NISH works with a multidisciplinary approach, psychology clients are generally referred here from other departments such as Audiology and Speech Language Pathology.

Diagnostic Services:
Identification and confirmation of the difficulty is based on objective assessment using standardized psychological tests. Since services are primarily geared to the persons with speech and hearing impairment, performance tests are more feasible.

The tests that are being utilized are listed:

















Management & Therapeutic Services
Once the problem is identified, depending on the nature, magnitude and the need of the hour tailor-made therapeutic services are rendered.




The psychologists act as resource persons for conducting program for personnel from related fields and parents:





The department staff members are also faculty members of BASLP, MASLP, and     DECSE. They also provide life skills training programs for students in the DHI programme.



The psychology department also conducts research on topics such as psychological test standardization, and improvement of cognitive skills of students with hearing impairments and of clients with other disabilities.


Collaborative Projects with national and international institutions

Our department has collaborated with institutions such as the Central Institute on Mental Retardation (funded by the State Initiative on Disability), Center for Child Development Center, and the University of Michigan, U.S.

Access Hub is a website created in collaboration with the University of Michigan supported by the Center for Internet and Society in Bangalore, and Inclusive Planet in Chennai. It includes descriptions of disability-related service providers, state policies, experiential anecdotes, and a discussion forum. The website can be accessed at: http://www.accesshub.org



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